Friday, January 21, 2011

A Happy Customer

My wife has been traveling a lot, and that means you-know-who has to stand in as the chef and waiter on the west end of the property. After serving one round to the first seating, I found an extra customer that was left out of the group, and locked out of the middle seating area.

So I made a second breakfast, allowing this patron to eat by herself.

A happy customer.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The other downside of horses

Horse are hard. They have to be fed every day, they need water kept warm in the winter, they break fences, all kinds of stuff. They are expensive, and need vet care.

However I ran into a new one recently. We had a bunch of snow and cold weather recently and the horses were being fed close to the barn in buckets. This resulted in a lot of droppings near the barn, which were too frozen to clean up. As the weather turned, and things started to melt, it was a bit of a mess out there, which made for some careful treading by me.

Not so for our dog.

He decided that a sloppy, melting, wet mess of horse manure was a perfect place to roll around on the ground.

I’ll spare you a picture, but a nice coating on his normally blonde fur added quite of bit of brown to the picture. Gross.

The only good thing is my wife has to clean him up.