Monday, March 8, 2010

Taking My Wife Away

My wife left yesterday for California. She’s going to be gone for eight days, which is a double whammy. I not only get to be alone, but I also get to manage hay, water, and shoveling duties by myself for that time.

She didn’t go for work, or for vacation, but for horse training.

I suppose it would be no different than if I went somewhere to learn how to better work with wood, or drive a car, or something like that. I haven’t done those things yet, but they are on my mind. That’s if I can get the time and money given this horsey habit my wife has.

I’m glad she gets to go, since she was excited to go out there. I know she’s excited because even though she likes traveling, she doesn’t like wasting time. And the drive from CO to CA is a pretty big waste of time. Can’t get much done on a horse when it’s in the trailer and you’re 25 ft ahead of them behind the wheel. She could have flown in a few hours and borrowed a horse, but that wasn’t in the plan. She has an Arab she’s working with and a young horse she’s training, both of which she wanted specific help on.

Me, I would have left my 911 at home and borrowed one at a track if I went to learn, but that’s me. I figure anything I learn can be applied at home. I started to argue that with her, but realized that it might no go over as logic. Likely I would have been called a few names and I’d have missed spending another day with my wife after an argument.

She did think about it, but in the end decided the 16 or so hours in the truck were worth it, so she left at 5am in the morning, me helping load hay in the trailer and waving good-bye as she pulled away.

I’m happy that my wife has something that she enjoys so much, but sad at the same time.