Monday, February 22, 2010

9 and 9

It’s 9pm on the clock. I glance over at the weather station on the wall and it shows 9F outside. Kids are in bed and it’s time for chores.

I pull in ski pants, my winter boots, don the ski jacket and grab a knit hat and gloves as I head out the back door. It’s not a bad night, calm, crisp, a dry night as I walk across to the barn.

It’s a peaceful time, and I move around, filling the wagon with hay and getting it out to the horses. The cats get food in the middle as they and the dogs scurry around the barn. It’s doesn’t take much time, but it’s quiet, relaxing time to myself. No thinking required, just a little hard work.

Fifteen minutes later my fingers are getting cold. The single digits are having an effect. I lock the cats in the tack room to stay warm and head back to the house. The dogs wander around, and I stop to look up at the sky, waiting for them at the door.

Not my choice of how to spend a cold winter night, but it’s one I enjoy.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Man on a Horse

Funny how people work horses into ads. Check this one out on YouTube from Old Spice.

This isn’t necessarily for me, despite the fact I like Old Spice. I don’t want to “be on a horse” anytime soon.

Monday, February 8, 2010

They’re All Good Horses

My wife told me the other day that one of her boarders wants to sell her horse. It’s a nice horse, well bred and purchased for about $12k.

My heart skipped a beat or two thinking about spending $12k on a beast, especially when we have more than a couple already. I suspect that my question of whether or not I could spend $12k on another automobile might elicit a slightly different reaction.

Our boarder was offering the horse at cost, ignoring the board and training the horse has received in the last two years.  On the open market, the horse would likely go for $20k+. Now I might be open to an investment of sorts, but we don’t necessarily have the contacts to sell the horse. That, along with one other fact, makes me think this isn’t a good idea.

My wife doesn’t like selling horses.

She tells me this is a “good horse” and would be great to show. Having lived with my wife for many years, and seen her work with many horses, I’ve come to one conclusion: they’re all good horses.

That argument didn’t exactly win me any points, and started another argument. Women and horses are certainly hard to live with.

Monday, February 1, 2010

It's the women in our lives

I don't really like horses. I never really had much of a desire to ride them, own them, care for them, or really much of anything else. My memories as a kid of trail rides were these hot, boring, dusty adventures that ended well with a bar-b-que meal. I could just have soon skipped the ride and gone straight to the BBQ. These days I feel the same, though I'd have a beer with my BBQ.

Why do I have horses?

It's a simple answer. My wife loves horses, trains them, and so I have horses. I love my wife, so I have horses. My daughter loves them as well, though I'm glad she has stopped pretending she's a horse on a daily basis.

I help take care of the, have learned a few things, but mostly seem to alternate with some funny and frustrating situations as a non-horse horse owner. I thought I'd start a blog and keep track of some of the more interesting adventures I've had and share some information with others that might be in a similar situation.